About Us

Modern dentistry in Sheffield

Situated in Sheffield, we are a friendly independent dental practice committed to providing high standards of dental care to our patients. We focus on listening to the needs of every individual that attends our practice, putting preventative dentistry first. 

Our whole team regularly undertake further training to keep pace with the continually changing world of dentistry.

Offering a high quality of general dentistry, we also offer advanced treatments such as complex restorative work, Invisalign, endodontics, dental implants, smile makeovers, dental hygiene and facial aesthetics. We believe in ‘Minimally invasive dentistry’, a respect for the original tissue of the teeth, and always try to ensure our patients keep as much of their natural tooth structure as possible.

Meet The Team

Raad Abdulhamed (Dentist)

GDC Number: 277707

Raad qualified in  1992 and is a clinical teacher in the School of Clinical Dentistry / University of Sheffield and is a clinical supervisor in the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital. He has done his MSc in endodontic and the PhD in restorative dentistry.

Dragan Acimov (Dentist)

GDC Number: 118142

Dragan qualified in 2002 and will be joining us part time in February. He has a patient- centred approach to dentistry and aims to provide individual, tailored treatment to each and every patient in a relaxed and approachable manner by building rapport with his patients and ensuring they are involved in their treatment planning every step of the way, in addition to equipping them with the skills they need to achieve their treatment goals and maintain a healthy mouth.

Rizwana Shaikh (Dentist)

GDC Number: 248508

Rizwana qualified from Liverpool University in 2013. Riz (as she likes to be called) was brought up in Sheffield where her father was a GP. Riz brings fresh new ideas and has been known to work with our more anxious patients. She enjoys taking her time and thoroughly explaining the options with her patients taking every step at the patient’s pace. Rizwana is enthusiastic to learn new skills and further her expertise and education in general dentistry. 

Aleena Athar (Dentist)

GDC Number: 301993

Aleena Qualified from Sheffield University in 2022.


Melanie Needham (Dental therapist)

GDC Number: 137109